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Hypertech Power Chips


There is two different models of the Hypertech Power Chips. The Street Runner chip offers increased wide-open-throttle (WOT) response and smoother shifting with no change in part-throttle acceleration for street cars with normal thermostats. The Thermomaster increases performance a bit more and requires the extra cooling ability of a 160 degree thermostat. Hypertech recommends the Thermomaster "for racing use only", however many Camaro owners on the internet ( have used it for everyday use with no ill results.

Experience Necessary:

Very Little

Other Parts Required:

  • 160 Degree Thermostat for Thermomaster Chip (A higher temperature thermostat such as 180 or 195 will cause detonation which can damage the engine).
  • Super Unleaded gas (91+ octane) wouldn't hurt either.

Other Precautions:

  • These chips are static sensitive. Use electrostatic discharge equipment to prevent damage to the chip.
  • California Car Warning (by Pat Newton - - Seattle, WA) *
    • Here's one important tip- California vehicles had a different ECM setup than 49-staters, so if you order a 49-state chip and your car is an original California car, you WILL get a check engine light. I bought my car in Washington and didn't know it was a Calif. car, and had to send my 49-state chip back to Hypertech and trade for a Calif. chip. There are to ways to determine if your car's a California one- first, if the buildsheet indicates it was shipped from the factory to a dealer in California (mine made the short trip from Van Nuys to Riverside), or second, by dropping the ECM, writing down all the numbers on the label, and reading those numbers off to the Hypertech folks when you order. *

Installation Instructions (About 10 Minutes):

The Electronic Control Module (ECM) is located right above the passenger's feet. First of all, DISCONNECT THE BATTERY! Unscrew the torx-head bolts in the big piece of black plastic trim and drop it down on the floor. You will see a metal colored box with wires going into it. This is the ECM. Loosen a couple of screws and you can pull it down to make it easier to work with. Now, open the little lid on the box. The "chip" should be quite obvious and is a blue color. Pull down the two clamps on the sides of the chip and pull the old chip out and install the new one the same way. Congratulations! Now pull the clamps back up, install the ECM lid and the plastic trim piece back on, and that's it!


The Hypertech Chips are good for a slight 'seat of the pants' increase in performance, especially with other modifications like the K&N Air Filter. The chips are available from Summit Racing for $102.39 and $119.69, or from Hypertech directl.

Brian Klier