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Rice County Command Trailer designed a data and voice network in an RV trailer.  The trailer is used for emergency communications for Rice County.


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Getting the Most Performance from an A4

I have a '93 Z28 A4 and have done some things to make it far better than a
stock unit:

- New torque converter with 2200 rpm stall speed, makes the car livelier because it gets the revs up faster. It cut a good .3 sec off my ET.

- Drive around in "D" instead of "OD". This kills what little gas mileage you get, but it's worth it due to better responsiveness.

- Better gears. I'm putting shorter gears in soon, and should wake the car up even more. Check out some of the guys on the list with 3.73's in their automatics (like Mike Heffner -- 13.3 @ 102!!)

- Rebuild it with better clutches. Mine is slipping, probably because I beat the shit out of it autocrossing and shifting it manually, so it'll be getting rebuilt early next year with all the extra clutch packs and other goodies to make it last longer. Either that or I'll just rip it out and swap in an M6.

Rob Glover