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General Information/Specifications: SEAT BUCKLE RECALL NOTICE!!!

3rd Generation Seat Buckle Recall Notice

Information from Steve Pereira (lmcsper@LMC.Ericsson.SE), Brian Klier (, and Chevrolet Customer Assistance Department.

The recall, according to my dealer, is that they tend to wear out with time (probably due to heat) and may become discolored (pink instead of red). Even if they don't crack, the recall states there is a "hazard" that the button may break and prevent the proper release of the seatbelt (like after an accident - yikes!).

So, they'll replace the pink/red button with a new button, new spring, and add a metal shield on the bottom side of the belt buckle. The shield won't be noticeable but will prevent the plastic of the buckle itself from wearing out (which isn't really a problem unless you tend to take 4-5 unsuccessful tries before successfully finding to slot to buckle your belt!).

My front buttons were faded and scratched but not broken but they did it anyway. Took about 10 minutes.


Hi F-Buds.

I called Chevrolet this morning about the possible seat-buckle recall on Third Generation Camaros. I talked to Heather, and she confirmed it.

Evidentally, on 1984-1990 Camaros, some of the button assemblies on the seat belts will not connect or release over time. The buttons may also become discolored (to a pink color) and will become scratched.

The fix is for your dealership to replace all the button assemblies in your car. This will be done free of charge.

For more information and to find out if this recall is for your vehicle, call Chevrolet Customer Assistance Department at 1-800-222-1020 and mention recall #90 C-22