Brian Klier is a Network Manager for a K-12 school district in southern Minnesota.

Brian established a fascination with computers when his father introduced him into the computer world at age 4, with a Commodore Pet and an Apple ][+. Before age 10, he taught himself how to program in BASIC by creating several game programs with graphics. Brian continued his computer education by taking several technology-related classes in high school, and majoring in Electronics at South-Central Technical College.  Even with formal education, most of Brian’s expertise with computers and computer networking comes from his own hands-on computer projects.

Today, Brian manages a 10-building, 24-server network infrastructure that supports more than 1400 workstations. Brian is familiar with all Microsoft Windows platforms, as well as the Apple Macintosh. Brian has stretched his expertise level into the home automation and home theater categories by developing his own systems at home. In 1998, he started work on the MisterHouse/APRS Tracking System, which is an open-source Perl module for remotely controlling home automation devices and keeping track of vehicle locations using GPS and wireless technologies. Brian has an assortment of X-10 modules for controlling lighting, security cameras, heating, and air conditioning.

Brian holds several certifications in the computer, networking, and telecommunications field, and he enjoys working with others to help them with technical problems. In his spare time, Brian enjoys quad riding, motocross, storm spotting, photography and videography.

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