Fred Rogers melted Senator Pastore in about 6 minutes

I very seldom share a video or a meme or something like that from another page on Facebook, because seldom do any of them get more than a few second response, be it a quick chuckle or a scroll-through. This video will stay with you throughout the weekend. I guarantee it.

In 1969, Mr. Fred Rogers gave the following emotional plea to a Senate Subcommittee. President Richard Nixon was trying to cut funding for PBS. Mr. Rogers was trying to save it. This speech is one of many fantastic memories that remind us just how fantastic a happiness hero this man really was.

Somehow using nothing but a few minutes of gentle words, Mr. Rogers was able to convince them not to pull funding from public television. The transition of the committee’s chairman from skeptical and dismissive at the beginning to having an attitude of outright admiration at the end is beautiful to behold. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when kindness and the happiness of others is your goal.
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