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  • I hit the Northern Lights jackpot!

    Definitely hit the Northern Lights jackpot tonight! These were all taken near Winjum’s Shady Acres Resort just west of Faribault.

  • Tornado Season: Here’s how to stay safe, vigilant

    Rice County’s new Emergency Manager Joe Johnson, as well as Rice County Skywarn, got a good write-up in today’s Faribault Daily News on how to stay safe and vigilant during tornado season. Give it a read!

  • Big Nine Music Festival

    Really excellent performance by our Big Nine select performers! Since I was at the Jordan Motokazie last night, Bethany and I listened to the grand finale concert this morning, and had a nice homemade breakfast afterwards. If you want to lay back on a rainy, gloomy Saturday and listen to some great music by talented…

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