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  • ‘Merica! (Photo I took yesterday at Millville)

  • Minnesota Radioddity GD-88 Codeplugs for DMR

    The Radioddity GD-88 is a neat, inexpensive new dual VFO analog/digital handheld transceiver. Since no codeplugs are publicly available for this transceiver that I have found, I made one based on the Anytone Codeplugs by Eric Ganske, W0EDG. Check out the instructions and codeplugs at the link below: Radioddity GD-88 Minnesota Codeplugs

  • The positives of a long, snowy Minnesota Winter.

    This has been a long, snowy, perhaps difficult Minnesota Winter. However, I don’t ever remember one with such awesome sights. I can’t wait for Spring to arrive, but I sure don’t mind scenes of Winter mornings such as today, on the drive to Nerstrand.

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