US Route 65 and the Jefferson Highway

I’ve written about US Route 65 and the Jefferson Highway before, but here’s some added pictures of the mileage signs near Mason City and Northwood.

Iowa has new signs up recognizing the significance of the Jefferson Highway’s route as being one of the first established north-south motorways in the nation.

The Jefferson Highway and US65 traveled into Faribault on Glynview Trail and Willow Street, before turning up Central Avenue, curving left at “The Curve”, continuing to near Northfield and eventually to St. Paul, and all the way up to Winnipeg.

Faribault was enough of a major city at that time to have signs in Iowa 72 miles away, which have been updated and are still there today!

Big Nine Music Festival

Really excellent performance by our Big Nine select performers! Since I was at the Jordan Motokazie last night, Bethany and I listened to the grand finale concert this morning, and had a nice homemade breakfast afterwards. If you want to lay back on a rainy, gloomy Saturday and listen to some great music by talented musicians, this is a great way to start!

Leave it to May!

May Bottke, my Kindergarten teacher, surprised me yet again! Today, I received a birthday card in the mail from her, wishing me a happy 46th birthday, along with a special personalized note.

It’s widely known that May has a special gift of remembering birthdays of her former students. It’s astonishing when the fact is May herself will turn the big 100 this coming November!

The positives of a long, snowy Minnesota Winter.

This has been a long, snowy, perhaps difficult Minnesota Winter. However, I don’t ever remember one with such awesome sights. I can’t wait for Spring to arrive, but I sure don’t mind scenes of Winter mornings such as today, on the drive to Nerstrand.