My Humble “Thanks”

The humble act of saying “Thanks” implies that not one of us can exist solely by themselves. Whether it’s the physical assistance we might get from someone stronger than us, the professional assistance we get from someone who is more skilled than us, the life assistance we get from someone who is wiser than us, or the spiritual assistance we might get from a being more powerful than us. Life is a combination of what we accomplish and what we have to offer others, the bonds with our loved ones, friends and family alike, and good fortune when none of us are quite strong enough.

For this, I offer my humble “Thanks”. I am grateful for my good fortune, my loved ones, my good friends, and my good health. I have everything anyone could possibly ever want. Please take some time today, instead of feeling envy about others, to reflect on the people, things, and abilities you yourself have, and to be thankful, and grateful.

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