Finding a Work/Life Balance

168 hours makes one week, and many of us struggle to find the time to fit all the things we have to do and what we’d like to do in those 168 hours.

This is a powerful article and gives some great insight on how to achieve a good work and life balance. One simple way to restructure your week can be accomplished by simply changing your words from “I don’t have time for that” to “That’s not a priority for me”. Everyone seems to accept “I don’t have time for that” because we can all relate to shortage of time. However, saying “that’s not a priority for me” allows you to feel the true impact of the decisions you make.

For example, “I didn’t play with my kids this weekend because I didn’t have time.” seems to make you feel better being the busy person you are, however, restating this to “I didn’t play with my kids this weekend because it’s not a priority for me” is particularly daunting and better states the impact of your decision.

Please, “make it a priority” to give this article a read if you believe you might have problems achieving a good work/life balance. Your relationships are worth it.

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