Big Nine Music Festival

Really excellent performance by our Big Nine select performers! Since I was at the Jordan Motokazie last night, Bethany and I listened to the grand finale concert this morning, and had a nice homemade breakfast afterwards. If you want to lay back on a rainy, gloomy Saturday and listen to some great music by talented musicians, this is a great way to start!

Leave it to May!

May Bottke, my Kindergarten teacher, surprised me yet again! Today, I received a birthday card in the mail from her, wishing me a happy 46th birthday, along with a special personalized note.

It’s widely known that May has a special gift of remembering birthdays of her former students. It’s astonishing when the fact is May herself will turn the big 100 this coming November!

The positives of a long, snowy Minnesota Winter.

This has been a long, snowy, perhaps difficult Minnesota Winter. However, I don’t ever remember one with such awesome sights. I can’t wait for Spring to arrive, but I sure don’t mind scenes of Winter mornings such as today, on the drive to Nerstrand.

VIP tour of Johnson Space Center

Earlier this week, I had an opportunity to take a VIP tour of Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, and it’s definitely not something to be missed. Here I am in a now unused space shuttle flight deck simulator in the Shuttle Avionics Innovation Laboratory, as well as the visitor gallery of the historical Apollo and present day ISS mission control rooms. I actually got a chance to tour the Apollo control room itself.