2020..a year to be thankful for

2020 was a year to be thankful for.

“Oh really?” you might ask. What was possibly so good about this horrible, pandemic year?

I believe that 2020 taught us that the simple bonds are the most important. Bonds between one and their family, between one and their friends, and between one and their spirit. Helping one another out, enjoying simple times together when able.

It was the freedom, rather, “society’s permission” to explore a little out of our comfort zones. To pivot around in our lives which many of us may have been guilty of being complacent in. Each one of us found something new about ourselves to help build us into that person we want to become.

Grace. We know that not all of us have had a smooth go at it. And given these unique times, we’ve found the strength to be more flexible with our fellow man.

On a personal note, I can say that I am thankful for a short recovery from my injury back in June. It is a weakness of mine to not ask for help when sometimes I need it, and to those that offered that help, whether through task or encouragement, I am thankful for you.

2020. This year, we have more to be thankful for than ever.

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